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Choral Workshops & Weekends

In addition to his work on the concert platform, Andrew Padmore has been engaged by Choral Societies, Schools, Colleges and Universities to conduct their Choral Workshops which are tailored to meet the needs of the individual choir. As a specialist vocal tutor and mentor for singing teachers on the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music professional development course “CT.ABRSM” he is able to give detailed help to enable amateur singers develop their voices individually and in the choral context.

Aspects of vocal production and choral technique are explained and demonstrated by involvement in “warm-up” and vocal exercises. This is incorporated into and made relevant to the specific works that the choir happens to be preparing. Andrew Padmore’s choral workshops are fun, rigorous and fulfilling, and the results are both immediate and long-term.

One session, whole day, weekend and summer school engagements are undertaken.

Workshop Weekends

Workshops and Singing Days


Cumbria Rural Choirs
West Cumberland Choral Society
Carnegie Singers in Workingham
National Association of Choirs in Chester-le-Street
Wakefield Cathedral (Stainer’s Crucifixion)
North Yorkshire Chorus (The Armed Man)
Leeds Methodist Choir
Beverley Minster (Faure’s Requiem)
Doncaster Minster (Stainer’s Crucifixion)
BBC “Halleluia” Tynemouth Choral Society
Beverley Minster (The Armed Man)
Carnegie Singers Workshop in Workington
Church Music Course in Beverley
Young People’s Workshop in Wakefield
Young Singers Workshop in Harrogate
Bradford Cathedral (Fauré Requiem)

Come and sing weekends


Sneaton Castle, Whitby (Messiah)
Wortley Hall, S. Yorks (Royal selection)
Wortley Hall, S. Yorks (Missa Criola Ramirez)
Sneaton Castle, Whitby (Mozart’s Requiem)
Wortley Hall, S. Yorks (Bob Chilcott’s Jazz Mass)
Sneaton Castle, Whitby (Brahms’ Requiem)
Wortley Hall, S. Yorks (Handel selection)
Sneaton Castle, Whitby (Mendelssohn’s Elijah)
Harrogate Ladies’ College (Easter Music)

Comments and Feedback from courses

  • I had a lovely time – Andrew Padmore was very good at keeping us all involved, changed activity when you might begin to feel you’d done enough of something, and there was no wasted time. Breaks lasted more or less long enough and re-starts were prompt. Andrew Padmore reminded me of a sort of musical Jasper Carrott – in other words, there was plenty of fun. AP told us if we were not tired by the end, we hadn’t been working hard enough. What nonsense, I thought! I was fine until I got home, but then had to go to bed early to recuperate
  • What an enthusiastic teacher – impressing a teacher with your teaching is always a difficult thing to do and he did it with abundance. We felt it to be a great privilege to take part in the day
  • Andrew Padmore was full of infectious energy and his enthusiastic approach kept us all amused and at the same time kept us working hard to produce a good sound. His tips about singing and breathing exercises will no doubt prove useful beyond today and his knowledge about ‘The Armed Man’ made us able to concentrate on the tricky bits which will be invaluable to future rehearsals and ultimate concert. I hope you will pass on our thanks to the BBC Performing Arts Fund for supporting this event
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. I thought Andrew Padmore was a hoot (and VERY helpful) and that actually, it would have been an entertaining day for anyone. I think his enthusiasm for singing was the best part … he made you remember you were doing something really worthwhile and enjoyable. He was tremendous fun!
  • What a wonderful day! We apparently spent so much time doing what some may have regarded as silly songs and exercises, yet still got through a work that was unknown to many of us, and in which there were some interesting rhythms even if the notes were not too difficult. Certainly I didn’t know this work at all. And the exercises – well, we all felt and performed better after them as well as enjoying doing them. They were also excellent ice-breakers.
  • I really enjoyed the day on Saturday. It was hard work but a good mixture of advice and humour. Also, I thought it was some of the best choral teaching I have experienced.
  • Particularly enjoyed the technical training but also was surprised at how much we learned of the Karl Jenkins in just one day.
  • Thanks for setting up the day, it was my first full day of singing. Really enjoyed it – refreshing to do physical exercises before we sang and I liked the sense of fun throughout.
  • I came as a visitor on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Andrew Padmore was excellent – the breaks with the fun exercises, came at just the right time so we didn’t get too tired or bored and he had such a lovely sense of humour.
  • Andrew certainly blew some fresh air into us and made us think about singing, voice production and fun in general!
  • I enjoyed his reasoned explanation for correct posture and its relationship to being in tune. The pace of the day was excellent – the mixture of work and play well managed
  • We really enjoyed the day – good fun with a good work out! – physically and mentally! We got home very happily tired.
  • No matter how experienced a singer you are, nor how many choral days you have attended, there is always something new to learn and that was what happened on the choral day with Andrew Padmore. The tongue twisting exercises certainly did to the labial/dental section of the mouth was what was needed in that area for clearer diction. This is particularly important when trying to get the very moving words of The Armed Man over to an audience.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The singing was great – an opportunity to get to know a work I have been longing to sing for some time. Andrew Padmore was fun and inspirational.
  • Thank you for a super day on Saturday. I found it quite inspirational. Andrew’s enthusiasm was infectious and I have found myself practising the breathing exercises regularly – even in the car! There was plenty of variety as he broke the sessions up with exercises and made everything fun as well as challenging.
  • MORPETH singers were in top voice,when renowned choral director Dr Andrew Padmore put them through their full range, last weekend.

    Over 80 singers from around the region converged on Chantry Middle School to learn from a maestro.

    His delivery throughout the day was energetic, crisp and very amusing, touching on singing techniques, posture and the ideal frame of mind for concert presentation. The light-hearted advice was given to aid ‘soaring sopranos’ and ‘bumbling basses’ to improve technique.

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